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About DoctorsHello

DoctorsHello is an interactive “Connect-Collaborate-Share” Ecosystem based on a collaborative network of professionals (doctors) ensures quality services and significant exposure to millions of prospective users /customers. DoctorsHello is a comprehensive health network, made up of leading healthcare providers. The Interactive “Connect-Collaborate-Share” platform aims to create a collaborative network of professionals to ensure quality services and significant exposure to millions of prospective users / customers. DoctorsHello provides a large repository of scientific content, multiple forms, that enhance the interactive and collaborative exchange of content, views, through teams of professionals / researchers.

Users benefit from this network by finding specialists, arranging appointments, and geographic guidance. The interconnection of Doctors and Patients is done via AllinOne chat system, email and SMS system, while it will be gradually implemented in other more indirect ways (video conference, etc.).

DoctorsHello Ecosystem addresses all those looking for a physician based on specific expertise and medical records and wishes to visit him in his private practice by using his public or private insurance or by making a private appointment. When a patient needs a Doctor or a group of Doctors, he/she can enter the platform or the App for smartphones, at any time, regardless of the hours of surgery, and look for a specific physician or find the Doctor needed using the search filters.

The patient can view the profiles of all of the suggested Doctors, as results of the smart search system, and choose the most appropriate for him, by evaluating information such as viewing specific techniques, academic articles, resume services, and experience in specific areas of your specialty, or diseases, the cost of a visit or a medical act, the contracted insurance bodies, or the assessments by fellow doctors. If the patient chooses his doctor, he can make an on-line appointment at any time of the day or night, in less than 1 minute without waiting queues.

The benefits the patient can get is that he can find Doctors who receive their cashier and visit them completely free of charge in their private practice, seeing through the platform if their ceiling has expired and when is the next available appointment.

It is also extremely useful for patients to see the reviews and comments of other patients who have visited the Doctor, as well as a range of information such as doctor services and costs.
At the same time, it is very important that the patient can choose a medical examination to be informed of the required preparation and to choose other prerequisites to avoid repeat visits.