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ATLAS™ is a telehealth System that is provided as a Service (SaaS), offering the following:

Telehealth platform

  • Next-generation telehealth services
  • Care environment in the home – not a medical care environment formally, but certainly one that allows many medical protocols to be carried out with the assistance of Doctors.
  • Environment for Biosignal devices, Sensors, actuators and physiological devices
  • Care scenarios based on Standards and Plug-and-Play modules

Instant Doctor presence (Doctors 24|7) and Scheduled Presence

  • Response to urgent situations via Internet with full mobility, day or night (24|7)
  • Scheduled Presence for telemonitoring via Internet with full mobility, day or night (24|7)
  • Empowerement of elderly residents to help manage themselves
  • Ability for doctors to supervise health care protocols, chronic conditions, early dementia; check in, provide social interaction

User Interfaces and Care insights

  • Dynamically customized UIs for each Collaborator (Doctors, Patients, LIS personel, etc.)

Athletes and Soldiers

  • Screening body response to each workout
  • Biosignal-based Performance management balancing the risk of injury or illness
  • HRV-based Recovery optimization
  • Long-term changes Tracking

ATLAS™ key subsystems

"putting the focus on Telemedicine Services"

Electronic Medical Records Subsystem

ATLAS™ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is an innovative subsystem that support real-time, patient-centered records management along with evidence-based tools. Medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, radiology images, lab tests, Capture and Share Images, and test results and many more.. Learn more

P2P Teleconsultation Subsystem

ATLAS™ P2P Teleconsultation Subsystem is a an innovative hybrid video-consultation backbone that incoporates proprietary Hubs and Peer nodes to support one-to-one or collaborative video-consultation sessions.

Learn more

P2P Telemetryvia DURUS™

ATLAS™ is based on a cluster of interfaces that interact in a real-time manner with hybrid scheme of SQL and Cloud NoSQL Databases to incoporate biosignal data received from DURUS™ devices providing real-world healthcare Telemetry Services.

Learn for P2P Telemetry

ATLAS™ Structure

"putting the focus on Interoperability"

Everything in order..

ATLAS™ is based on a cluster of layers that interact in a real-time manner with a hybrid scheme of SQL and Cloud NoSQL Databases to provide real-world Telemedicine Services. This cluster has been structured as a backbone middleware to bring Humans (Doctors, Patients, Nurses, Pharmacists etc.), Telemetry Biosignal Data, EHR data, Third-party technologies (via APIs, HL7 integration etc.) into one system that is enabled as a service (SaaS).

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“Integration is the ATLAS™ key characteristic.”



ATLAS™ is putting users (Patient, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc) in business class virtual seat of patient healthcare control cabin.

ATLAS™ Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) subsystem supports real-time, patient-centered records management and enables evidence-based tools. Data and extracted information (AI Telecare version) are instantly available to authorized Collaborators (Doctors, Nurses, etc.). Each Patient can authorize Collaborators via a Drag and Drop interface. The subsystem manage and present effectivelly Medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, lab tests, Capture and Share Images, and test results in a real-time manner.

Doctors diagnosis (Dx) and Reports

Doctors diagnosis in timeline order, details, treatment notes, diseases, health condition or/and specific advice along with reports (Covid19, Monitoring and H1N1 Reports), clinical notes written by Collaborators, daily progress notes and medical plans.

Captured Skin Images

Using tools of ATLAS™ (supported by a logitech 4K Camera) or DURUS™ patient can "Capture and Share" skin images for remote diagnosis of skin-related conditions or inquiries. Captured images are useful for a dermatologist or a GP ahead of a Session. Patient is able to keep these records in your healthcare timeline.

Medical History

ATLAS™ medical history, is an electronic time-ordered account of all medical events and issues a person has experienced in his/her life (past and present). Medical history subsystem along with Patient demographics and Medication history can guide, direct and optimize remote patient healthcare.

Vital signs - Telemetry Tests

Real-time, continuous vital sign acquisition subsystem, using data fusion in order to predict patient health status. Via Durus™, patient is able to insert vital signs in the EMRs of Atlas™. Via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface Doctor is able to review remotelly the patient’s vital signs information and proceed to diagnosis in a real-time manner.

Lab and test results (LIS)

Access your Laboratory test results from your home. Review and Share these results with authorized Collaborators. During a telemedicine session, a doctor can seamlessly order lab tests. At the lab, patients are, only, required to present their QR ID and perform the test. The lab personel can insert the lab test result directly in the dedicated interface. Via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface, Doctor can access the released test results and perform a diagnosis.

e-Prescription (Rx)

Get a centralized paperless subsystem for issuing and handling medical prescriptions. When doctors prescribe medicine using the ATLAS EMF, they doe so electronically, with the support of online forms. At the pharmacy, all a patient needs to do is present his QR ID. The pharmacist, via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface, can review the patient’s EMR and issue the medicine.

Destributed P2P Nodes

ATLAS™ P2P Teleconsultation Subsystem

We have addressed the issues of the previous centralized healthcare/telemedicine systems by developing a semi-organized middleware layer and four embedded "maestro" Hubs (California, Frankfurt, and Paris). These "maestro" hubs are able to incorporate and orchestrate Peers located at Doctors office providing delay-free services. The subsystem is based on proprietary hubs and Peer nodes worldwide in order to support bug-free and encrypted healthcare video sessions. This subsystem is activated via the ATLAS™ sessions booking service, giving real-world telecare - telemedicine sessions. All you need is an ATLAS™ account, a webcam, internet access and you’re ready to collaborate.

Why you need ATLAS™

ATLAS™ is a cloud platform that supports an ALL-IN-ONE EMR along with an innovative collaborative telemedicine system provided as a service (SaaS) to optimize healthcare. Especially, it supports:

  • Telediagnosis based on real-time evidences
  • Multipoint real-time Medical Collaboration
  • Prescription Management
  • Sessions Management
  • Biosignal Records Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Patient Timeline Management
  • Collaborators Management
  • Session Tools
  • Lab Reports Management
  • HomeCare Reports Management
  • Patient Medical History
  • Patient Medical Files Archive
  • Generic Reports Management
  • Notifications via email and SMS
  • Snap & Share

It also includes documents and media that are directly used in medical decision-making and treatment of patients and/or documents that are necessary for supporting billing claims.

Collaborative Telemedicine via ATLAS™

* Designing and redesigning medical telecare services: a forces-oriented model Author: Dr. L. Gortzis, Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02

ATLAS™ has been structured having in mind to support collaborative telemedicine procedures*.
In these procedures all Collaborators (Doctors, Nurses, Laboratories and Radiological Centers) can gain time-limited access and insert data following an authorization to a Patient medical folder. By incorporating convenient and consumer oriented data e.g. lab testing into virtual visits, DoctorsHello ATLAS™ is able to ensure confident, timely, and accurate diagnoses. Especially:


Doctors that belong to Group Collaborators can view and edit Patient Medical folder. The declared by the folder owner as Primary Doctor has also the rights to add new Doctors to Collaborators Group. This type of Collaborators has full access for limited time to the patient ATLAS™ EMF.


Nurses authorized by the patient or the Primary Doctor can use the data management tools to record personal health and medical data for review by a provider in another location. They can also use the DurusPro ™ to insert data to patient ATLAS™ using the external biosignal devices via an automated process.


Where ordering and completing a lab test in a traditional setting can take days, Doctorshello ATLAS™ is making it possible to seamlessly connect a patient to a Lab center with a completed order request in minutes, and could allow them to even schedule a lab technician for an in-home visit. At the end of the day, LIS and RIS following an authorization process are able to gain access to patient ATLAS™ and insert the test results and update the EMF of ATLAS™.