Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02

Telemedicine ecosystem

DoctorsHello is the first “Connect-Collaborate-Share” telemedicine ecosystem. Doctors via video Sessions, Nurses, Pharmacists, Electronic Medical Folders, P2P Structures & Devices and LIS/RIS data in real-time Collaboration.


P2P Nodes worldwide

Well-incorporated devices on Durus™

What is a Telemedicine ecosystem ?

DoctorsHello is an interactive “Connect-Collaborate-Share” telemedicine ecosystem based on a network of Collaborators (Doctors, Nurses, etc) , Technology, Tasks, Structure, Social forces, Procedures to optimize patient healthcare. Via the electronic medical folder can be also integrated Devices, Telemetry, P2P nodes, Video Sessions technology , LIS/RIS data in real-time manner.

Designing and redesigning medical telecare services: a forces-oriented model, L. Gortzis Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02


Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02

The term Medical Ecosystem, was up to recently associated with the natural environment, that, symbiotically, influences and is influenced by the ecosystem. The term was further developed to embrace several forms of sources of information in order to complement early detection of public health threats. In fact, the medical ecosystem is far more than that. Moving from information to stakeholders, the ecosystem was characterized as a group of interconnected participants, all together working towards improving the quality of care while lowering its cost. The ecosystem, we have envisioned although being patient-centric, it counts also on other interconnected dimensions such as technology, information, procedures, social forces (myNetwork), etc, as described in the interaction model for designing medical systems. The overall mission of the ecosystem is to provide optimized real-time Telemedicine/Telehealth Services .

Doctorshello ecosystem