Hybrid node


for Doctors and Nurses

Durus™ Pro
for Doctors and Nurses

Durus™ Pro is an innovative mobile telemedicine node structured on a durable tablet (MILITARY-GRADE DURABILITY — MIL-STD-810G, WATER-RESISTANT TOUCHSCREEN, ADAPTABLE S PEN — IP68, UHD CAMERA & AR and BIOMETRIC ACCESS) . In the context of this node, the Durus™ Pro supports patient biosignal measurements and the real-time syncing with ATLAS™ using 4G technology. Durus™ Pro supports an innovative PPG method for measuring and monitoring Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, SPO2, and enables a connection Gateway based on BLE® technology to connect and measure the temperature, Blood Pressure and other vital signs via well-established external devices.

Durus™ Pro hybrid telemedicine node for ATLAS™

Durus Pro™ has been designed and developed to support Doctors Interested in more ?

Durus™ Pro PPG-based measurement subsystem

The Durus™ Pro is based on two different subsystems that can measure and analyze biosignal data i) the PPG-based subsystem and ii) the Gateway-enabled subsystem that is based on external devices.
Durus™ Pro PPG subsystem (Patents PMID: 20180100577 , 20160100513, 20170200142) is able to grab images from finger via the backend camera, analyze them and extract useful medical information using Photoplethysmography (PPG). PPG is an optical technique used to detect volumetric changes in blood in peripheral circulation. It is a non-invasive method that makes measurements at the surface of the skin. The technique provides valuable information related to user cardiovascular system. PPG makes use of low-intensity infrared (IR) light. When light passes through biological tissues it is absorbed by bones, skin pigments and both venous and arterial blood.

Measurements using PPG

  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Heart rate Variability (HRV)
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels (SPO2)

Durus™ Pro Gateway subsystem

This subsystem is based on measurement modules and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Gateway that enables users to measure vital-signals and upload data from home or from Doctor office to the ATLAS™ SaaS. By connecting via Bluetooth to the measuring devices, the subsystem allows for easy and seamless transmission. Patient, Doctors, Nurses, and family members alike are then able to view and track the patient’s results and overall status via the Durus™ Pro interface of the ATLAS™ in rea-time manner.

Supported Measurements via external devices:

  • Blood Pressure (Systolic, Diastolic, History)
  • Spirometry (PEF, FEV1, History)
  • Blood Glucose (Cl, History)
  • Temperature / Fever (°C, History

Durus™ Pro compatible Devices

Medical-Grade devices that have been incorporated and can easily connect with our Durus ™

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samsung s_patch
Samsung S-Patch
ECG & Holter
Omron RS7 Intelli IT
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
OMRON M7 Intelli IT
Blood Pressure Monitor
Microlife AFIB
Microlife AFIB
Blood Pressure Monitor
MICROLIFE Instant Thermometer
MICROLIFE Instant Thermometer
NC 150 BT Bluetooth®
Contour Next ONE
Contour Next ONE
Glucometer, Bluetooth®
MIR Smart One
MIR Smart One
Spirometer, Bluetooth®

Use Cases Scenarios

We have structured 3 types of Telehealth Nodes to cover all the requirements of modern Collaborative Telehealth Procedures .

This case includes a well established telemetry node at patient home. It supports daily monitoring and personalised health. Regular records updates add tremendous value.

Home Node

DurusPro ™ and Durus ™
This case includes a mobile node with external devices. Specilized Nurses have specific rights and specific interface on Medical patient Folder and can access Telehealth data limited access and authorization.

Nurse mobile Node

This case includes the full version of our system that includes the DurusPro ™ and all the devices along with full access on Medical Patient Folder with specific authorization. Via DurusPro ™ the doctor is also capable of inserting/exchanging data and communicating during medical Sessions in a real-time manner.

Doctor Node

DurusPro ™