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Electronic Medical Records


medical records (EMRs)

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Using ATLAS™ web interface doctors can create Electronic Medical records (EMR) anytime from anywhere. EMRs are real-time, patient-centred records that provide immediate and secure information to authorized users. EMRs typically contain a record of the patient’s medical history, diagnoses and treatment, medications, allergies and immunizations, as well as radiology images and laboratory results. In this integrated electronic form, EMRs are more valuable than paper records because they enable doctors to track data over time, identify patients for preventive visits and screenings, monitor patients, and improve health care quality. Patient (via a stadalone ATLAS™ inetrface) have full access to EMRs making him/her active Collaborator and "Maestro" of his/her healthcare.

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“Collaboration and patient-centred EHRs is the key characteristic of DoctorsHello”

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

ATLAS™ supports real-time, patient-centered medical records management and enables evidence-based tools. Data and extracted information (AI Telecare version) are instantly available to authorized Collaborators (Doctors, Nurses, etc.). Each Patient can authorize Collaborators via a Drag and Drop interface. The subsystem manage and present effectivelly Medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, lab tests, Capture and Share Images, and test results in a real-time manner.

Doctors diagnosis (Dx)

Doctors diagnosis in timeline order, details, treatment notes, diseases, health condition or/and specific advice along with reports (Covid19, Monitoring and H1N1 Reports), clinical notes written by Collaborators, daily progress notes and medical plans.

Captured Skin Images

Using tools of ATLAS™ (supported by a logitech 4K Camera) or DURUS™ patient can "Capture and Share" skin images for remote diagnosis of skin-related conditions or inquiries. Captured images are useful for a dermatologist or a GP ahead of a Session. Patient is able to keep these records in your healthcare timeline.

Medical History

ATLAS™ medical history, is an electronic time-ordered account of all medical events and issues a person has experienced in his/her life (past and present). Medical history subsystem along with Patient demographics and Medication history can guide, direct and optimize remote patient healthcare.

Vital signs - Telemetry Tests

Real-time, continuous vital sign acquisition subsystem, using data fusion in order to predict patient health status. Via Durus™, patient is able to insert vital signs in the EMRs of Atlas™. Via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface Doctor is able to review remotelly the patient’s vital signs information and proceed to diagnosis in a real-time manner.

Lab and test results (LIS)

Access your Laboratory test results from your home. Review and Share these results with authorized Collaborators. During a telemedicine session, a doctor can seamlessly order lab tests. At the lab, patients are, only, required to present their QR ID and perform the test. The lab personel can insert the lab test result directly in the dedicated interface. Via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface, Doctor can access the released test results and perform a diagnosis.

e-Prescription (Rx)

Get a centralized paperless subsystem for issuing and handling medical prescriptions. When doctors prescribe medicine using the ATLAS EMF, they doe so electronically, with the support of online forms. At the pharmacy, all a patient needs to do is present his QR ID. The pharmacist, via a dedicated ATLAS™ interface, can review the patient’s EMR and issue the medicine.

Electronic Medical Records
along with Consultations

For Patients, Electronic Medical Records without Online Doctor Consultation is an "empty suit". DoctorsHello supports real-world medical online consultation supporting both services via an integrated interface.

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ATLAS™ EMR subsystem plays a vital role in healthcare coverage by supporting the diagnosis and treatment of patients through provision of rapid, comprehensive and timely patient information at the point of care..

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