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ATLAS TM system

ATLAS™ is putting users (Patient, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc) in business class virtual seat of patient healthcare control cabin.

ATLAS™ Interfaces

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ATLAS™ is based on a cluster of layers that interact in a real-time manner with a hybrid scheme databases to provide real-world Telemedicine Services. This cluster has been structured as a backbone middleware to bring Collaborators (Doctors, Patients, Nurses, Pharmacists etc.), Telemetry Biosignal Data, EHR data, and third-party technologies (APIs, HL7 integration etc.) into one system that is enabled as a web service (SaaS).

ATLAS architecture

ATLAS™ is putting users (Patient, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc) in business class virtual seat of patient healthcare control cabin.

ATLAS™ workflow

If you want to preview a typical workflow within it, you can just click on the "Play" button.

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    ATLAS features

    About Us
    About Us

    Why you need ATLAS™ ?

    ATLAS™ is a cloud ALL-IN-ONE healthcare management system that supports innovative collaborative telemetry/telemedicine services to optimize healthcare. Specifically, it supports:

    • Telediagnosis based on real-time data
    • Encrypted P2P VideoSessions
    • Multipoint real-time Medical Collaboration
    • Prescription Management
    • Sessions Management
    • Biosignal Records Management
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Patient Timeline Management
    • Collaborators Management
    • Lab Reports Management
    • HomeCare Reports Management
    • Patient Medical History
    • Patient Medical Files Archive
    • Generic Reports Management
    • Notifications via email and SMS
    • Capture & Share

    How ATLAS works ?

    ATLAS™ involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to doctors and patients without requiring an in-person visit. With the following innovative services of ATLAS™, the possibility of delivering cost-effective remote healthcare to patients is now a reality.

    remote screening by doctorshello
    remote screening by doctorshello
    About Us

    Remote Screening for People

    ATLAS™ can be used for remote screening to triage patients with daily healthcare issues, cold or flu symptoms, remote care for those not requiring medical intervention or those who could receive care at home. Remote screening provides the ability to keep infected individuals out of hospitals and clinics to lower the risk of transmission to other patients and healthcare staff.

    About Us

    Routine Care for Chronic Patients

    ATLAS™ is perfect for the management of chronic conditions. With their compromised health, these patients can avoid virus and infection exposure which can be very harmful or potentially even fatal.

    Chronic Ill and ATLAS
    Doctors Collaboration over ATLAS
    Doctors Collaboration over ATLAS
    About Us

    Collaborative Sessions for health issues of high complexity

    Clinical decision-making rarely occurs under ideal conditions, and sometimes complex health care issue make this particularly challenging. "Poor medical decisions" have a major impact on patient outcomes and safety. ATLAS™ support dynamic and real-time collaborative medical sessions over web enhancing quality of clinical decisions for patients with complex needs.

    Busy Doctors
    Busy Doctors use ATLAS
    About Us

    For Busy or Quarantined Healthcare Providers

    In times of healthcare crisis , the reality may be that we have busy or quarantined healthcare staff who are not able to work at patients homes or on the frontlines because of a possible exposure to a virus or similar. With ATLAS™ in place, busy or quarantined providers have the option to continue to see patients using the integrated innovative telemedicine services.

    ATLAS Features

     P2PV includes many features and we are constantly adding more. Some of the main ones are:

    Single sign-in from ATLAS into P2PV system. Import and review session documents or medical data into patient folder.

    P2PV integrates remotely all the telemetry services, supported by medical devices such as examination cameras, spirometers, stethoscopes, vitals monitoring devices, otoscopes, ECGs, and more, into the telemedicine  encounter.

    Doctors can have complete overview of any performed diagnostic actions on the patient side, during a session. Remote Session overview is ideal for procedures with limited medical surveillance on patient site and any other case which seeks to limit application errors by the patient.

    Accept direct credit / debit card payments, in a safe and easy manner, through secure third-party merchants.

    Get access to patient electronic folder during a session, review Family / Medical History, write reports / prescriptions, review imaging and lab exams. interact with other Collaborators and many more.

    Perfect for long-term care facilities, public spaces, and correctional facilities, our hardened, tamper-proof integration (ATLAS, DURUS, P2PV) can be securely bolted to a fixed platform, and facilitate innovative telemedicine  sessions.

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    ATLAS™ Architecture   the Backbone middleware

    ATLAS™ has been structured to bring Collaborators (Doctors, Patients, Nurses, Pharmacists etc.), Telemetry Biosignal Data, EHR data, Third-party technologies (via APIs, HL7 integration etc.) into one system that is enabled as a web-based middleware to support innovative Telemedicine Services.

    TeleHealth Telemedicine PACS Ai TeleCare HomeCare
    LIS ATLAS Interface
    RIS ATLAS Interface

    Pricing tables

    Membership Pricing



    01 Domain
    5GB Bandwidth
    24/7 support
    250 Users
    1 MYSQL


    01 Domain
    5GB Bandwidth
    24/7 support
    500 Users
    5 MYSQL


    01 Domain
    5GB Bandwidth
    24/7 support
    1000+ Users
    10 MYSQL

    DoctorsHello features & services

    An explainer video can offer information regarding system features and services within few minutes. Person-to-Person video content is our way to do it.