DURUS™  DH-200

telemetry system



The DURUS DH-200 is a portable telemedicine node endeavors to take healthcare facilities along with remote doctors’ consultancy to the doorsteps of everyone, anywhere via an innovative way.  It means greater revenue potential for providers as Telemedicine services lead to fewer cancelled appointments, greater patient retention and increased patient satisfaction.

DURUS™ Interfaces

INNOVATIVE, sophisticated and elegant

Everything in order..

DURUS™ Pro is an innovative mobile telemetry system structured on a durable tablet (Military-Grade) . The DURUS™ Pro supports biosignal measurements via external and internal modules, and the real-time syncing with ATLAS™ using 4G technology and Videosessions. It also supports an innovative PPG method for measuring and monitoring Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability.

ATLAS architecture

ATLAS™ is putting users (Patient, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc) in business class virtual seat of patient healthcare control cabin.

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    ATLAS features


    Product Information

    DH-200 is structured on a Clinic-in-a-Bag node offering a modern telemedicine platform utilizing advanced medical technologies of the 21st century. The node consists of a number of wireless and cellular-connected BLE devices that can collect diagnostic data at the patient site. It provides a comprehensive  real-time examination platform that can collectively perform a plethora of medical tests, including Spirometry, Lung Function, Auscultation, 3-Lead EKG, Heart Failure Analysis (SPI), Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Digital Weight, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, Blood Glucose, Advanced Lab tests, Vascular, Thoracic and Abdominal Ultrasound, Remote P2PV Consultation, HD Photo Visual Exam, ATLAS Reporting and many more

    Spirometry, Lung Function
    Auscultation, 12 / 3-Lead ECG, Heart Failure

    Daily monitoring (SPO2, HR, HRV, BP,  PEV etc.)
    Remote Consultation, HD Photo Visual Exam, Cloud EMR Reporting

    Sensors & real-time examination

    All the DH models are structured on DURUS core and are able to support a plethora of real-time examination to support telemedicine services. The following list presents main and optional features:

    • ECG Telecardia: Simultaneous 12-lead / Without consumables / Capture in 15 sec / Long battery life / Bluetooth wireless transmission.
    • Pulse oximeter: SpO2 measurement / Short and long term heart rate / Fingertip sensor / Wireless transmission
    • Blood pressure monitor: Automatic / With armcuff / Digital display of measurements / Adjustment for 1 or 3 successive captures / Wireless transmission.
    • Thermometer: In-ear/ Ease of use / Wireless transmission.
    • Blood glucose monitor: Light / Ease of use / Wireless transmission
    • Stethoscope: Ease of use / Global compliance / Wireless transmission
    • Otoscope: Digital / 15-150x zoom / 1.3 megapixels / LED lighting / Wireless transmission

    • Dermatoscope: Digital / 15-150x zoom / 2 megapixels / LED lighting / Wireless transmission
    • Ophthalmoscope: Light / Complete diagnosis / Wireless transmission
    • Ultrasound: Compact / Automatic mode / High quality image / Wireless transmission
    • Spirometer: Sleek design / Ease of use / Wireless transmission
    • Additional webcam: FHD (1080p) / Hand or frontal use / USB transmission
    • P2PV Videoconferencing system for teleconsultation and telemedicine.
    • 22 to 24 inches touchscreen..
    • Washable & antibacterial accessories.
    • Wheels and drawers.

    Why might you need it ?

    The DH-200 is a Telemedicine node that can integrate simultaneously  the P2PV videoconferencing and the ATLAS system allowing telemedicine services in total autonomy. The doctors via ATLAS Web interface has therefore access remotely to the patient real-time measurements without leaving his office.  At the same time utilizes a cloud-based server to store the raw data collected at the patient site. The server is equipped with advanced algorithm and capabilities to store and classify results in a matter of seconds. Results are reported in standardised Electronic Medical Records (EMR) formats; however, clients can alter the reporting format to suit their purposes and data management needs. Additionally, reports can be automatically forwarded to third parties, including hospitals, insurance companies, treating physicians, and government health databases.

    Complementary Applications


    Beside the basic application

    Mobile Clinics

    Equipping a mobile clinic with DH-200 clinic-in-a-bag system is advantageous in many aspects. It expands the clinic diagnostic capabilities, streamline reporting and administrative duties, and provides public health benefits in terms of monitoring, medical telemetry, sccreening and expert tele-consultation.


    Telemetry Nurses

    For telemetry nurses  who visit patients at their workplace or residence, the DH-200 is an ideal solution. It allows nurses to seamlessly collect patient data for cloud analysis, seek a second opinion through tele- consultation, advice the patient based on reliable data, and confidently refer patients to suitable doctors, or specialists.



    Reduction in Hospital-acquired Infections

    The ability to diagnose and treat patients at their place of residence reduces the risk of infection. In fact, hospital-acquired infections are caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens; with the most common types being bloodstream infection (BSI), pneumonia (eg, ventilator-associated pneumonia [VAP]), urinary tract infection (UTI), and surgical site infection (SSI).

    Chronic Patients

    Improve the lives of chronic patients by delivering timely healthcare services, reduce vulnerability to infections, and reduce dependency on carriers.

    Healthcare Access and Convenience

    Telemedicine healthcare has been proven to increase access to services for: daytime employees, regional and remote patients, as well as persons with limited mobility.

    Cost Savings

    Cost Savings: for patients (e.g. transportation, time, hospital fees, etc.) and for providers (e.g. administrative duties, shorter bed occupancy in wards, etc.).

    BLE Devices

    Compatible with DURUS DH-200

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    telemetry with Durus™