DoctorsHello myNetwork
the Social-force Dimension

DoctorsHello myNetwork is a socio-medical connection subsystem that adds a new dimension to traditional social media. This innovative approach allows doctors2doctors and doctors2patients communications through a wide variety of web-based connecting tools that “engage” Collaborators prior each telemedicine procedure.




What is myNetwork ?

DoctorsHello myNetwork is the Social-forces dimension of the ecosystem.

Designing and redesigning medical telecare services: a forces-oriented model, L. Gortzis Methods Inf Med. 2007;46(1):27-35 2007, Apr 02

How myNetwork works?
Doctorshello myNetwork provides a digital common ground where doctors are able to share useful information with their network. It provides a also fertile ground for doctors who seek new learning, networking and report exchanging opportunities that they learn about evidence-based research and discuss new medical guidelines. When medical professionals share and discuss information from these resources, their knowledge base, and that of their peers, grows. Being a part of myNetwork also creates new avenues for doctors to network and gain name recognition.

myNetwork for sharing knowledge
Reporting data on physician interruption times and patient comprehension indicate both quantitative and qualitative communication barriers. DoctorsHello myNetwork has the potential to enhance these communication between physician and patient and and help alleviate these barriers by influencing patient participation, autonomy in health decisions, and providing a level playing field within the digital sphere.

myNetwork for supporting follow-up and compliance
DoctorsHello myNetwork can be successful in encouraging health improvement and behavioral changes. For example it can support the evaluation of the incidence of a diseases through active interventions. The participants can also address signs, symptoms, treatment, screening, and prevention of diseases. Patients’ adherence to medication regimes is also improved through DoctorsHello myNetworks. Daily text messaging among doctors and patients may enhances pills control and therapy compliance in target populations.Finally, it can be used as a follow-up method of communicating with patients to reinforce key themes, improve treatment success, and manage disease.

myNetwork for tracking diseases
DoctorsHello myNetwork can facilitate information flow from patients to physicians and to medical agencies through its interactive nature. The internal increased volume of information and faster information transfer is useful for surveying disease outbreak. For example, it can enable users to report their health status, thereby identifying potential disease sentinels or comparing issues such as flu-related search activity, reporting flu incidence rates and mapping the data in real time detecting early response opportunities.