Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers many benefits. That is why the Dutch government is encouraging the healthcare sector to provide more Telemedicine services.

The benefits of Telemedicine include:

  1.     Time savings: Telemedicine can save time. For example, patients can schedule their own appointment with their care provider online. And they do not even need to leave their home if they can arrange an online consultation (by video link, for example).
  2.   Insight into own health:  A personal digital healthcare environment gives people more insight into their health. If they wish, they can share all or part of their data with a healthcare provider or informal carer, so that they do not have to repeatedly relate their entire medical history. This allows the healthcare provider to work m

ore effectively, determine the right treatment more quickly, and avoid mistakes. Patients gain more control over their own health thanks to a greater understanding of their health situation.

Lower administrative burden

 Doctors have less paperwork and can share information securely and easily with colleagues.

Not all healthcare providers currently offer telTelemedicine. But healthcare providers and patients are becoming more aware of the benefits. Many doctors now offer patients the opportunity to schedule appointments online. Around 46% of patients would like to have online access to their medical records, but this can only be done if there are good safeguards for privacy.

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