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What is real-world

"putting the focus on real-world remote healthcare"

Teleconsultation is a secure way to contact your doctors over web. See your doctors face-to-face (P2P video consultation) along with your Electronic Health Records and receive real-world care as an in-office appointment. Telemedicine sessions are easy! Use your DURUS™ or your ATLAS™ interface with a camera and microphone. Book your session, share your QR code, Capture and Share images or perform Telemetry biosignal tests at home or Lab tests at a verified Lab center and start your Telemedicine Session.

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“Integration is the key characteristic.”

Teleconsultation Scenarios

DoctorsHello supports 3 types of teleconsultation scenarios to cover the requiremetns of modern Collaborative Telemedicine.

This case includes a simple videoconference with a user. A user can request and book a Session via th EMF interface. Such cases include Sessions with doctors or nurses.

Video Conference

This case includes a videoconference based on data of electronic medical records (EMRs). A user can request and book a Session, give access to EMF to specific doctors or declare a primary Doctor. Doctors can ask from a user to perfom tests having access to real-time telemetry data.

Medical Diagnosis

Session & EMRs
This case includes a P2P multiple videoconference based on data of electronic medical folder. The Primary Doctor can add other experts to the team and perform Collaborative diagnosis to improve telehealth outcomes.

Collaborative Diagnosis

Session/multiple Doctors & EMRs & DURUS™

Online Doctor Consultation
along with ATLAS™ EHRs

Online Doctor Consultation without EHRs is an "empty suit". DoctorsHello supports real-world medical online consultation supporting both services via an integrated interface.

Destributed P2P Nodes

ATLAS™ P2P Consultation Subsystem

We have addressed the issues of the previous centralized healthcare/telemedicine Consultation systems by developing a semi-organized middleware layer and three embedded "maestro" Hubs (California, Frankfurt, and Paris). These "maestro" hubs are able to incorporate and orchestrate Peers located at Doctors office providing delay-free services. The subsystem is based on proprietary hubs and Peer nodes worldwide in order to support bug-free and encrypted healthcare video sessions. This subsystem is activated via the ATLAS™ sessions booking service, giving real-world telecare - telemedicine sessions. All you need is an ATLAS™ account, a webcam, internet access and you’re ready to collaborate.

Use your QR-based code and Start

Use your QR-based code and Start your first Online Doctor Consultation with one or more Doctors (collaborators) and give access of your EHRs to your Primary Doctor or one of your consultants.

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"putting the focus on real-world remote healthcare"

Do you have symptoms and be unsure about a medical diagnosis? Would you like a doctor's advice about a medical problem? We can help you with a telemedicine consultation or remote diagnosis. An online consultation gives you fast, easy access to our network of doctors. We would be delighted to advise you about the right specialist for a telemedical consultation and support, and organise an appointment for you.

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Create an Account, Declare your Primary Doctor and let him/her to structure your collaborative team of Doctors per case.

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