Video Teleconsultation

in a real-time manner

We are supporting two different solution to cover
telehealth services and hybrid use case scenarios.
Both solutions are supported along with EMF.

Phychologists Sessions
Healthcare sessions
Collaborative Sessions
Medical Rooms

Solution One

We have developed a propriatary scalable subsystem (P2P Teleconsultation) that is able to support collaborative telehealth services.

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Solution Two

We have integrated zoom along with our EMF to support users with the external videoconferencing platform.

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P2P Teleconsultation

One of the main subsystems of Doctorshello is the teleconsultation subsystem. It helps Doctors and other healthcare personnel to provide the highest quality and cost effective solution and meet the dynamic needs of modern Telemedicine and telehealth services. A variety of services including telehealth, collaborative telecare is effectively being utilized across the healthcare continuum to patients around the globe. The subsystem is able to incoporate nodes around the world using a P2P scalable architecture. Most importantly the subsystem is not isolated from the electronic medical folder supporting real-world healthcare and not only videoconferencing sessions.

Solution 1 : Our Subsystem

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DoctorsHello P2P Architecture

We have addressed the issues of the previous centralized healthcare/telemedicine systems by developing a semi-organized middleware layer and four embeded "maestro" Hubs (California, Funkfurt, and Paris). These "maestro" hubs are able to incoporate and orchestrate Peers located at Doctors office and provide non-stop services.

Use Cases Scenarios

We can support 3 types of teleconsultation Use Cases Scenarios to cover all the requiremetns of modern Collaborative Telehealth Procedures .

This is case include a simple videoconference with a patient. The patient can ask and book a Session via th EMF interface. Such cases include Sessions with Phychologists or Nurses.

Video Conference

This case includes a videoconference based on data of electronic medical folder. The patient can ask and book and Session then he can give access to EMF to a specific doctor or he can declare them as primary Doctor. Doctor can ask from patient to perfom tests having access to real-time telemetry data.

Medical Diagnosis

Session & EMF
This case includes a P2P multiple videoconference based on data of electronic medical folder. The Primary Doctor can add to the team of Doctors other experts and perform Collaborative diagnosis to improove telehealth outcomes.

Collaborative Diagnosis

P2P Session/multiple Doctors & EMF

Telehealth Sessions
in a few simple steps

Video Sessions based on real-world medical data from remote nodes (telemetry node, LIS or RIS nodes etc.).

Sessions with Telemetry

DoctorsHello P2P Teleconsultation subsystem can support real-time Telemetry during on online telehealth Session offering a real-world alternative to any exam at doctor office.
Using the TRXPro tablet patient can perform medical test and share the results in real-time manner.

Improved patient outcomes

The integration of electronic medical folder (EMF) with DoctorsHello P2P Teleconsultation subsystem can offer improved patient healthcare outcomes. The "doctor office" is now the patient living room.

Collaborative Procedures

DoctorsHello P2P Teleconsultation subsystem can support now collaborative telehealth and telemedicine sessions based on real-world medical data and not simple video meetings. The Primary doctor can also add in any Session Doctors that can support the medical diagnosis via a common interface.

Solution 2 : External API

Zoom Integration

We have integrated zoom along with our EMF to support the current users
of the external videoconferencing platform. This solution needs configurations and zoom API credentials.

Technological Core Features

Enable and Manage Consistent high-quality Medical ideoConference, even in low-bandwidth environments.

Perform Sessions with Compliance and security Achieve HIPAA (signed BAA) and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance with 256-bit AES encryption

Record and Save your Medical Session for second opinion and review (authorized local recording with HIPAA BAA).

Use your Desktop or your Mobile and Collaborate via an enhanced VideoConference with one or more doctors, annotate directly on the shared screen and many more.

Examine and treat patients virtually with far-end camera control and EHR and medical device integrations.

Pay or Get Payment using your credit card instantly and be a part of a real-world Medical Session