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What is real-world Telemedicine?

"putting the focus on real-world remote healthcare"

Telemedicine is a secure way to see your doctors over web. See your doctors face-to-face (P2P video consultation) along with your Electronic Health Records and receive real-world care as an in-office appointment. Telemedicine sessions are easy! Use your DURUS™ or your ATLAS™ interface with a camera and microphone. Book your session, share your QR code, Capture and Share images or perform Telemetry biosignal tests at home or Lab tests at a verified Lab center and start your Telemedicine Session.

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Different Modes of Capture and Share Service

There are two modes which form the Capture and Share Service for the practice of teledermatology: Store and forward and real time or interactive mode.

Capture and forward via DURUS™

The process involves capturing and forwarding digital images (skin, eye, etc.) linked with medical information to the data storage device. This process is performed via DURUS™ and is so simple as taking an image using your mobile phone. The primary advantage of using this mode is that it does not require both parties to be present at the same time and location. DURUS™ provides all the required equipment and interface.

Real time Share via ATLAS™

Real time Share mode (interactive teledermatology) entails the Doctor and the patient to interact on captured images through a live video consultation. This service mode takes place through ATLAS™ interface and a web camera (Logitech BRIO Webcam with 4K Ultra HD Video & HDR). This mode is more sophisticated since the doctor can quide the image capturing process unlike in the store and forward mode. Both parties must also be available at the same time.


in a real-time manner

We have integrated innovative technologies to enable
video consultations and real-world healthcare services.
All solutions are supported along with EMR.

Electronic Medical Records
EMR, Reports, Telemetry

"Capture and Share" service

Applications of Capture and Share Service span different areas of health care management such as consultation, diagnosis, treatment.

Why and when you need
Capture and Share Service

Telediagnosis can be a complex procedure especially without the presence of experienced doctor on-the-spot. Capture and Share Service can support real-world Teledermatology by enabling direct consultation in which patient with a certain skin condition contacts a dermatologist through ATLAS to request proper diagnosis and treatment by sharing his/her EMR and HD images. The patient can capture images with proper guidance and lead to correct diagnosis.
We should note that there are specific medical cases more suitable for Capture and Share Service. For example:

  • Viral warts
  • Sessions Management
  • Acne vulgaris irritant dermatitis
  • Herpes zoster
  • Vitiligo and bacterial
  • Collaborators Management
  • Fungal infections

This aspect remains a topic that needs to be studied further by our experts.

Telemedicine use cases

Telemedicine spans different areas of healthcare such as
collaborative consultation, diagnosis, treatment