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P2P Telemetry

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Durus™ and Telemetry Nurses
are the double-edged sword of Telemetry subsystem of DoctorsHello...

Durus™ Pro & Devices

Our innovative mobile telemetry node, named Durus™ Pro has been developed to meassure vital signs and support real-world telemedicine services.

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Telemetry Nurses

Telemetry nurses are specially trained to utilize and interpret the Durus™ Pro and compatible devices to monitor the internal functioning and vital signs of a patient. Telemetry nurses look at activities such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rhythms, and respiration..

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P2P Telemetry - TeleHealth monitoring

One of the primary subsystems of ATLAS™ is the P2P Telemetry Subsystem. In the context of this subsystem we support the remote exchange of biosignal data between a patient at home and Doctors or medical staff of a Hospital to assist in diagnosis and monitoring (this could include support for people with lung function problems, diabetes, etc.) This subsysetm is based on Durus™ that act as a telemetry node measuring and sharing test results (e.g. temperature, blood pressure etc.) for clinical review at a remote location using 4G technology.

Durus™ Pro

the innovative mobile telemetry node

Durus™ Pro is an innovative scalable telemedicine node available on a dedicated tablet (Samsung - Galaxy Tab Active Pro). One of the primary subsystems of Doctorshello is the Telemetry monitoring Subsystem. In the context of this subsystem, the Durus™ Pro supports patient biosignal measurements and the real-time syncing with ATLAS™ using 4G technology. Durus™ Pro supports a PPG method for measuring and monitoring Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability markers, SPO2, and enables a connection Gateway based on BLE® technology to connect and measure the temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs via well-established external devices.

Telemetry Nurses

What Is a Telemetry Nurse?
Examining This Important Role in the context of DoctorsHello

The term telemetry comes from the words tele meaning “remote” and metron meaning “measure.” In Doctorshello, telemetry refers to the process of monitoring a patient’s vital signs where that information is collected via Durus™ and displayed in Telemedicine Nodes for review. Telemetry units in hospitals are units where patients are under constant electronic monitoring. Many patients in telemetry units have experienced cardiovascular incidents like heart attacks or strokes and must be kept under close observation as they recover. Telemetry nurses monitor vital signs and rapidly respond to any sudden changes in patient status. Work in this unit can be an interesting mix—many shifts can go by without a hitch, but the pressure and intensity can ramp up substantially if a patient’s status rapidly turns. Even without a major incident, telemetry nurses will typically have several patients to check in on, as well as the work associated with checking in new arrivals and preparing patients for discharge. Given the occasional period of high-pressure situations where you’ll need to think quickly on your feet, building experience in this unit can be an appealing way for new nurses to gradually prepare for work in the ICU or emergency departments.

Expert Telemetry Nurses

In some cases, Telecare sessions between the patient and the Doctors has its own limits as the patient does not have the external devices or does not know how to perform simple healthcare tests via Durus™. Some other patients might be equipped with blood pressure monitors but their quality or their use by the patient is not always optimal. Moreover, the population with the most important medical needs – the elderly – are not necessarily familiar with Durus™. In such cases our Telemetry Nurses (Nurses expert on Durus™ functionality) in contact with the patient may act as a link to the Doctor and can assist the patient during a Telecare sessions.

Our Telemetry Nurses are highly equipped and can assist you anytime

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Telemetry Scenarios

We have structured 3 types of Telehealth Nodes to cover all the requiremetns of modern Collaborative Telehealth Procedures .

This scenario include a well established telemetry node at patient home. It is able to support daily monitoring and personalised health. The Telemetry node is connected directly with ATLAS™.

Home Telemetry Node

This scenario includes a mobile node with external devices. Specilized Nurses has specific rights and specific interface on Medical patient Folder and can access Telehealth data limited access and authorization.

Mobile Telemetry Node

Nurse Devices & Durus™
This scenario includes the full version of our system that includes the Durus™ and all the devices along with a full access on ATLAS™. Via Durus™ the doctor can open his patient EMrs and can insert/exchange data and communicate in medical meetings in real-time manner.

Doctor Node

ATLAS™ & Durus™ Pro