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IT Organizations, hospitals, Telemedicine Systems like CAREPOI™, Medical devices via DURUS™, Medical Data, Doctors, Nurses, HealthCare Experts and Healthcare Services are now connected...

Telemedicine ecosystem

 give value to health

your doctors, telemetry nurses
and telemetry devices are now in your living room...

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      DoctorsHello is

      DOCTORSHELLO™ is the first “Connect, Measure, Collaborate” healthcare ecosystem. It aims to support the transformation of the organization-centered healthcare model into a patient-centered model. The main purpose of this ecosystem is to optimize the way that collaborative health services are provided.

      Being patient-centered means not only giving treatment but also wellness and prevention. The digital health services ecosystem examines the determinants of social health such as physical, mental and spiritual.

      "DOCTORSHELLO™ has been structured to incorporate i) Technology (e.g. CAREPOI etc.), ii) Collaborators  (Organizations , Doctors, etc.)  iii) Tasks, iv) Structure, v) Social forces, and the vi) Procedure dimensions as forces to each Healthcare process..


       Lefteris Gortzis, Methods Inf Med . 2007;46(1):27-35.


      DOCTORSHELLO Action Groups


      Action Group A1
      Adherence to prescription and medical plans
      Action group A2

      Falls prevention

      Action Group A3

      Lifespan Health Promotion & Prevention of Age-Related Frailty and Disease

      Action Group A4

      Replicating and tutoring integrated care for chronic diseases

      Action Group A5

      Development of interoperable independent living solutions

      Action Group A6

      Innovation for age friendly buildings, cities and environments

      Patient-centered healthcare

      One of the most important priorities of DOCTORSHELLO ecosystem is to "merge" Collaborators towards improving the patient experience by using digital healthcare solutions. Today, patients also expect their healthcare providers to hear themselves and create personalized solutions tailored to their needs. The transformation of organization-centered healthcare services into patient-centered healthcare has led to the implementation of a new technology-based ecosystem.


      DoctorsHello Collaborators.

      For Doctors & Healthcare Providers

      Support telemedicine sessions remotely, help  your patients achieve better outcomes by ensuring continuity of healthcare, reduce limitless phone calls from your patients and prevent your burnout.

      For Patients & Healthcare Enthusiasts

      Gain better access to the healthcare you need with telemedicine sessions  anytime and from anywhere, and take your healthcare management on your hands. Get daily personalized health monitoring.

      For Healthcare  Organizations 

      Decrease the emergency room visits, drive down the overall cost of healthcare through shorter hospital stays, manage remotely patients with chronic disease and operate with greater efficiency.

      the technology-based ecosystem
      for better healthcare


      # innovative healthcare system



      DoctorsHello has been selected as telemedicine solution
      for  Cypriot citizens. During the 2-years CHERRIES  project Collaborators effectively:

      • measured, analyzed and stored to ATLAS™, biosignal data (ECG, HR, SPO2, BG, PEF, FEV1, etc.) received by BLE external devices
      • measured HR, HRV via a PPG method,
      • captured medical images and audio Dx -diagnosis and mainly
      • enabled collaborative doctor-patient video-sessions on the spot via the P2PV system.


       The DOCTORSHELLO ecosystem consists of various players, including:

      • Patients: The individuals seeking healthcare services.
      • Providers: Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals deliver patient care.
      • Hospitals: Institutions that provide inpatient and outpatient care to patients.
      • Clinics: Facilities that provide outpatient care to patients.
      • Public health agencies: Work to ensure health promotion, disease management, and disease prevention in the population.
      • Health insurance companies: Organizations that provide coverage for healthcare services.
      • Government agencies: These are organizations, that shape healthcare policies and practices.
      • Pharmaceutical companies: Organizations that develop and manufacture drugs, other medications, and medical products.
      • Medical device companies: Organizations that develop and manufacture medical devices, for example, pacemakers and artificial joints.
      • Biotechnology companies: Organizations that develop and manufacture biologics (vaccines and therapies) based on living cells.
      • Advocacy groups: which represent the interests of specific patient populations.
      • Research institutions: Universities and other organizations that research healthcare issues.
      • Professional associations are healthcare professionals who advocate for their respective fields and promote best practices.

      Selected hybrid solutions

      # All you need for
      real-world Telemedicine

      Achievements in Numbers.


      Well completed doctor-patient videosessions via P2PV system


      Well configured DURUS devices in action


      Well configured ATLAS medical folders in action

      DOCTORSHELLO Partnership

      EIPonAHA Reference Site

      EIPonAHA Reference Site

      European Active Aging

      Elected Reference Site - TWO STARS

      EIT Health
      Active and Healthy Ageing

      Selected as Solution Provider


      Hospital Cyprus Node



      Reference Site


      AHA Reference Sites are an alliance of ELECTED stakeholders  that implement or develop innovative and person-centered solutions and digital technologies to address care needs and priorities for active and healthy ageing....