What is DoctorsHello

What is DoctorsHello

DoctorsHello is the first socio-medical ecosystem. The healthcare "system" is better functioning within this ecosystem by interconnecting Collaborators (Doctors, Patients, Users, Policy Makers etc.).These Collaborators are able to build new socio-medical relationships inside the umbrella of the ecosystem to ensure quality care and patient safety while realizing savings.

DoctorsHello is the first socio-medical ecosystem. The healthcare "system" is better functioning within this ecosystem by interconnecting Collaborators (Doctors, Patients, Users, Policy Makers etc.).

DoctorsHello medical ecosystem
DoctorsHello Doctor Collaborator

For Policy Makers

  • Collaborate with pharmaceutical organizations, with safety, using advanced web tools
  • Have access to seamless medical outcomes
  • Publish announcements and notifications
  • Increase cost savings by informing, and interacting with Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Upload materials for wide public, and all related bodies for informative purposes
  • Generate criteria based reporting.

For Doctors

DoctorsHello includes but not limited to the following services:

  • Expose your professional profile to millions of users / potential customers
  • Track and enhance your Eco-score (Indexes) in the scientific ecosystem
  • Collaborate with colleagues through, myNetwork, internal chats, emails, Second Opinion Polls, etc.
  • Produce and Publish VideoCast with enriched metadata
  • Exchange medical content in a safe (HIPPA and GDPR compliant) way
  • Gain access to a large data medical repository
  • Arrange and Re-arrange e-Appointments dynamically
  • Upload published medical articles and publish new ones as enriched PubCast

For Regular Users

DoctorsHello includes but not limited to the following services:

  • Be part of a large socio-medical ecosystem
  • Stay connected with Doctors
  • Search, find, and interact with Doctors
  • Post, comment and offer Hello(s) via myNetwork
  • Receive medical advice on the spot
  • Leave a message to a doctor, ask a medical question
  • Stay informed of most updated medical outcomes
DoctorsHello Patient Collaborator

For Pharmaceutical Organizations-Companies

  • Upload e-material for doctors and Policy Makers for reviewing and informative purposes.
  • Receive feedback of published content form public and health professionals
  • Collaborate with Policy Makers, with safety, using advanced web tools
  • Increase significant cost savings by informing, and interacting with doctors electronically
  • Track the scores and indexes of associated health professionals
  • Reach seamless medical outcomes

Smart Medical Search Engine

*Smart Medical Search Engine (SMSE) is able to search and classify data based on smart analysis of doctors expertise, relative records and training background, as well as collaborative actions on similar medical cases. Use any keyword or a relative medical phrase of your issue and you will have classified results or classified Doctors by name, specialty or search by location etc.

doctorshello collaboration


e-Collaboration Effective collaboration between Doctors, Doctors and Patient

doctorshello recognizability


Recognizability Professional profile to millions of users and potential patients

doctorshello data sharing

Data Sharing

Data Sharing GDPR-oriented email data sharing

doctorshello connect


myNetworkTM Doctors with Doctors, Doctors with Patients, and Doctors with Organizations

DoctorsHello advisory board


Medical Advisory Board Members

What Indexes are


DoctorsHello Indexes What are the indexes?

What are the Indexes

What are the Indexes

Estimate interactions and increase recognizability

Medical Connectivity Index
40% Index
Medical Collaboration Index
60% Index
Medical Sharing Activity Index
40% Index
Impact Factor
80% Index

Medical Connectivity Index offers practical insights of the connectivity status of a health professional. Its core methodology analyzes 3 indicators that identify progress made in the connectivity with colleagues, patients and the No of received credits expressed in the form of hellos. Based on this criteria, the Index assigns an “MCI score” for each indicator based on each value.
Medical Collaboration Index is developed to asses the collaboration status of a health professional. MCI goes deeper into key socio areas (on the contrary to conventional indexes) and at the same time measures their collective impact on the socio collaborative footprint of a doctor. The assessing criteria, vary from quantified participation in Diagnosis Polls, and chats, up to No of referrals and responses (answers /medical advice) to regular users. This index relies strongly on the interactive response from other users to a single user, assessing real front-and-backwards collaboration
Medical Sharing Activity Index offers a unique research framework to assess a doctor’s sharing position by looking at two knowledge pillars stemming from both research and professional activities (applicable for freelancer health professionals). Research sharing pillar collects credits from video presentations, publications and academic articles, and professional sharing pillar uses public article and announcements as single indicators.
Impact Factor is a comprehensive guide for the medical community and pharmaceutical industry leaders to develop a roadmap to the global medical ecosystem. Under a proprietary research methodology, three clusters of indexes (with specified weights) namely, Connectivity, Collaboration and Sharing indexes, are grouped according to their score, summing up the Total Impact Factor Score.

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