Residential & Nursing Care

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If you or a loved one cannot live at home independently, a nursing home may be the best possible option. Medicare generally does not pay for long-term nursing home care, but covers short-term care while you recover from an illness or injury.

Nursing homes are not the same as assisted living or independent living facilities. Independent living facilities are usually apartments or homes for who need little or no help or care. Assisted living facilities offer a level of care that’s between independent living and skilled nursing. Assisted living does not always include Connected Care. Our Telemedicine solution for this case is the DURUS DH-600 or DURUS DH-800.

DURUS DH-600 or DURUS DH-800 (full version) provides:

  • Complete Telemedicine set of Services
  • Prevent avoidable hospital admissions
  • Reduced total cost of care
  • Improved efficiency for care in the community service
  • Custodial care and Skilled nursing care


telemedicine system

DURUS @stand

DURUS @stand


The DURUS @ STAND is an innovative Telemedicine stand that allow patients easier access to specialty care, especially in under served areas. It means greater revenue potential for providers as Telemedicine services lead to fewer cancelled appointments, greater patient retention and increased patient satisfaction.

ATLAS & DURUS Integration 

 P2PV includes many features and we are constantly adding more. Some of the main ones are:

Single sign-in from ATLAS into P2PV system. Import and review session documents or medical data into patient folder.

P2PV integrates remotely all the telemetry services, supported by medical devices such as examination cameras, spirometers, stethoscopes, vitals monitoring devices, otoscopes, ECGs, and more, into the telemedicine  encounter.

Doctors can have complete overview of any performed diagnostic actions on the patient side, during a session. Remote Session overview is ideal for procedures with limited medical surveillance on patient site and any other case which seeks to limit application errors by the patient.

Accept direct credit / debit card payments, in a safe and easy manner, through secure third-party merchants.

Get access to patient electronic folder during a session, review Family / Medical History, write reports / prescriptions, review imaging and lab exams. interact with other Collaborators and many more.

Perfect for long-term care facilities, public spaces, and correctional facilities, our hardened, tamper-proof integration (ATLAS, DURUS, P2PV) can be securely bolted to a fixed platform, and facilitate innovative telemedicine  sessions.

DoctorsHello features & services

An explainer video can offer information regarding system features and services within few minutes. Person-to-Person video content is our way to do it.